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Little Feet is aimed at children from Pre-school age upwards.

It will give them a chance to have fun, burn energy and enter the world of dance with their mums or dads.

The class introduces toddlers to the wonderful world of dance and movement using natural body actions like walking, running, jumping, skipping and galloping.

All the above actions help a child’s physical development, spatial awareness and co-ordination also curriculum learning skills like counting, colour, shape and language skills.

This is to show that learning can be achieved through movement which is fun and enjoyable, children can also learn that at a young age they can tell a story and show their emotions through dance, music and imagination.

Mums and dads can get involved to by helping their children and seeing what their children can achieve.

Little Feets' Music and Movement classes are for pre-school children and their mothers or fathers as a way of introducing children to basic movement at an early age.

These classes will improve a child's co-ordination skills whilst also stimulating the child's creativity and imagination.

Little Feets' Ballet Classes are for the older children from 4 upwards. These classes are more structured under the NATD curriculum, but are designed to be fun as well.

Taster sessions are available free of charge (1 per child) for either class

  • Ballet is the base of all dance. It gives you the correct posture and strength to be a good dancer. Although when you are young ballet is fun, it still gives you the concentration and discipline needed for everyday life.
  • With 25 years experience in the dance world, I have progressed from a 2 yr old novice through to dancing professionally on Cruise Ships, and onto teaching. With 8 years teaching experience behind me I want to take ballet to the babies.
  • We are currently registered with both the governments Dance 4 Life scheme and Go4IT schemes
  • We are both NATD and Cheshire East CRB checked

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